Ain't hiding nowhere, Don't run from nothing

by The Cutthroats

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released April 14, 2017



all rights reserved


The Cutthroats Fairfield, California

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Track Name: Betrayal
Shout out to all these muthafuckas out here doubting

I've gone along with all these lies that I stopped counting

You fake a smile and hug me as you shake my hand

Then turn around and fuck with those that I can't stand

Lies, To my face,
Your breath you waste.

A bitter taste,
With what you claim
I can't relate to what you say
But I was so wrong before
Now I contemplate

You try to pick me apart
But I seen your kind from the start
Yall dwindle down to bone,
Of what I never wanna know

A coward frontin
I see you now as nothing
Was stupid to let you
Phase me like you were

You lied through teeth
When spoke to me
You're hollow words
Will Carry no worth,
Don't even speak


All bridges you will burn
Who will you seek to hurt
NO Truth lies Within you.
Bleed you dry, leave you bruised
Track Name: The Comeback
Buried under rubble for a few long years.
stepp aside, take some time,
what do we got here
Never thought our paths
Would cross again like this
(No), I searched the depths
Yerning for happiness.

But you watched us

seap through the cracks

You probly never thought this shit
Could ever make a comeback

Stick to the soil

We've stood the test of time before
I'll live and die a Cutthroat

You can run it,
This shit aint nothing new to us
NOT cuttin nothin,
We come as pure
As your white dust

Defied by many
I seen my share of plenty
Walked countless miles
Survived the hardest
Of the times

two thousand seventeen

Ain't hiding nowehere
Don't run from nothing