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released January 27, 2017

mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Studios

Additional drums and guitar by Anwar Lopez and Jake Glazier



all rights reserved


The Cutthroats Fairfield, California

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Track Name: Obsession
To feel suppressed and obsessed can be a fatal sting,
A deadly duo so cruel to wipe out everything
You feel war torn, no remorse, it's so unsettling.
Then eats you up, spits you out, without a care or sound.

Pulled apart from the start, its like a flashy trend,
So lost and confused as if it had no fucking end.
Dodging shots to the chest as if my life's a test,
Even if it's your best, life checks you like all the rest

Slipping, I'm slipping away,
I Can't understand at the end of the day,
I'm losing, I'm losing my mind,
Feels like I'm already out of my time
Haunting, it's constantly daunting,
The wanting of something but comin from nothin.
Its crushing, like life's daily beatings
I'm wandering not eating, the feeling is fleeting
Constricting, it feels like im sinking
Tryna find reasons for all of this singing
No meaning, and just heavy breathing
I can't hear the voices cuz my ears stay ringing

Everyday is struggle
In some fucked up hard way
I Use my mind and voice
Head held up everyday
Track Name: "Brotherhood"
Stand by and stick to yourselves
It's like you're anyone else,
I pass up by in the streets,
I beg you say something,
So I can jump and spring,
Whoop that ass in til u sing.

You're both just sad sorries,
A pair of hopeless dreams,
Your parents say you're nothings,
But I can't help but tell,
How low you've sunk in hell,
A pair of pointless beings.

Too often too many good people die
BUT bet your punk ass that I won't even cry
You came around but nobody asked why
You got lost in all the stories and lies

Once so called brothers, I see u as nothing
A spineless snake cowar, better off just hunted.
Scared and spooked off, boy I know u stay quiet.
Ill break all you bitches like fat kids on diets.

Who, What, where and why
4 simple answers you can't find.
A bust in life.
A shit father you try to hide
Like all your lies,
You run and tell that shit but
Baby it's an ass whooping
You're bitch ass too afraid to catch.

So if you wanna come fighting,
Try me,
you'll probably up crying, blinded
Baby, I will make you think insanely,
HATE me,
Slay me,
Cuz you will never phase me
Blame me, I'll push you bitches back like all this hate
Track Name: Beatings
Hung up on sun-ups
Wishing for old ways
begging to find hope
searching for meaning

wondering and bleeding
wandering, not eating
not finding nothing
I bet its crushing

No help
No hope
No blunts
to even fucking smoke

just pain
just guilt
just time to fucking

And I'll still feel tired
high, low or wired
Running in circles
and numb to the hurtful
kicking and screaming
Fleeting these feelings
still taking, lifes beatings
Track Name: Guns Out
I'm out so catch me, I'm standing up here baby.
Got my arms up, not crossed out lately,
Cuz none you snakes will fucking phase me,
Youre my despise, I'm your demise.
You call that shit the truth but that's the way you severed ties
Lines that binded but that's the lies you rehearsed.
You speak that shit so sadly your bitch ass could not reverse
9mil glock, I keep tucked between my sock.
For every shot I choose to bust back on your fucking block.

Blame me baby for the way you think insanely, like I'm sitting outside, chillin like a villain on a daily.
With a snub nose on my hip, boy u best get with the shit, cuz come round 9 o clock it'll be you with a wig thats split.
More and more, I've come too see what's left in store,
all you dogs do no biting only sit and roar
Hit by hit, round for round, I won't stop til you're dead in the ground, not a sound.
It's lights out, get knocked down.

I'll see you on the other side
And I'll see you on the other side